Sunday, 28 February 2010


Total rubbish!  All those inoffensive looking Australians, taking teenagers seriously.

My neighbours have turned out to be complete bastards.

We couldn't have been more pleasant when we moved in.  We took their children a giant cake, we took the parents a bottle of wine.  We invited them to our house-warming party, which the husband attended, already drunk.  I offered our assistance on any matter whatsoever.

We hear them shouting at their children a lot, but that's not my business so I pay no attention, but it should have given me a clue to what sort of people they are.

He now whines and pisses about my girlfriend parking too close to his house, once, on public ground, on a spot he never parks.  It makes no difference to him if anyone parks there really, he's just complaining because he can and it makes him feel like a man, which never happens normally because he's 5'6, probably never gets any and ain't very bright.

It's a horrible situation because now I feel justified in being as poor a neighbour as he.  I think if I tell him to 'go fuck yourself' just once that should be enough.

Thought for the day - You can't stop a short bloke kicking off

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