Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bin Men

I remember the days...Lakeside School in Washington, I loved Rush and girls in leotards writhing around to Tom Sawyer.  On Thursdays (that's a total guess) we'd see the bin men collecting the trash from outside people's houses whilst we were on our lunch breaks and the somewhat unkind chant would start up:


When you're 11 years old you don't give much of a toss about how other people feel, but it occurred to me in later life that a dozen children sneering loudly would probably have been quite hurtful, and the Domestic Refuse Workers themselves may have felt denigrated by our behaviours.

I'm not apologising, it's quite funny actually and I remember the Bin Men themselves making rude gestures our way.  Not sure that was the right thing to do.

Nowadays there is more respect for Waste Disposal Technicians. They get a nice wage (anecdotally, I have no real idea), they work only until midday or something and they are such fucking prima-donnas that you have to place your bin facing exactly the right way and there can't be a teeny tiny bit of black bag peeping out of the lid or they won't take it.

Yeah! Cushy number there mate. Screw you, Uttlesford District Council!

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