Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One Lump or Two?

Following my previous post about the freak show that is Embarrassing Bodies, I have been forced to watch another two episodes.  It was pure torture.  Now I know what a fistula is and I wish I didn't.

This show takes itself so seriously it doesn't appreciate the sheer ridiculousness of some of its segments.

Tonight I saw a breast clinic invaded by a spotty nerd who said that he'd read that men also can get breast cancer.  Dr Pixie (I kid you not, that is her name) masked her feelings of disgust and went on to give him a lesson in how to check for lumps.

Dr Christian held a breast clinic and asked 40 women questions about their breasts. 
  • So, how many of you have given your breasts a good old feel recently, not to check for lumps, just so that you know how they feel?
3 women raised their hands.

Now, if that was 40 men and Dr C asked, how many of you have given your balls a jolly good feel in the past 30 seconds it would be unanimous.

The next time I'm at work and someone gives me a funny look for heedlessly re-arranging my junk in front of like 50 people, I'll look super serious and say, 'checking for lumps'.


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