Friday, 9 April 2010

Yeah, That's Great.

Sometimes it's hard being awesome.  This is why.

You don't pay attention to what's happening around you.

This is one of my worst habits.  It's as though things only occur if I am paying attention to them.

A few years ago I went into the office and there were staff there who had been working all night.  This wasn't usual, there was some sort of system migration happening and committed people had pulled out all the stops to be there for 16 hours at a time, sleeping in sleeping bags on the office floor.

I was haughtily breezing past them when one of them stopped me.  She was the sort of girl you would rate 5 out of 10.  She didn't look hideous if coated with enough make-up and in a mini-dress, although the legs were a bit chunky.  She was however, incredibly dense.  I remember vaguely that she mumbled something at me, but I paid no attention.

Nearly having reached my desk, I was again waylaid, this time by Ricky Singh and some of his crew.  These were good guys who worked hard, but fucked about a lot of the time.  Our business was selling, and those sorts of people often do well, and people like me look the other way. Rick offered me £20 if I could tell him what 5 out of 10 girl had said to me.  I had to decline to take him up on the offer.  He told me that I had stopped, not looked at her once, and in the middle of her story, which she was telling me with great animation, said 'Yeah, that's great' and walked off.  Oh, how I laughed.

While this behaviour is funny for me.  It's a nightmare for the people around me.  Apparently.  For all I know they could be taking advantage of my poor memory.

This is the 'me' of the polar bear world

It's like I'm sleepwalking.  People speak to me, I answer with credible answers that make sense, but I have no recollection of them.  My girlfriend arranges things, asks me about them, and when it's time to close on the deal I don't know what the hell she's talking about.

I've often wondered why people think I'm arrogant when they don't know me, I guess I've figured it out.  They don't think I'm paying attention to them. And I'm not.


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