Thursday, 1 April 2010

Supersize vs Superskinny

Anyone that likes car-crash television should really watch Supersize vs Superskinny.  The name itself is insulting to skinny people and patronising to fat people.  Start as you mean to go on.

In essence, it takes a really fat person and a really skinny person and makes them swap each others diets for a week.

The skinny person eventually gains an appetite and the fat person has their obesity rubbed in their face by a 110 pound, 5'2, ever so slightly thinner than normal woman.  They both meet while dressed in nothing but underwear, the skinny one pretending not to be disgusted and the fat one pretending that 'ooo, you're 7 pounds underweight, you're really unhealthy'.

You'll do for a starter

Let's face it, the skinny one's only there to justify poking fun at the fat one. 

While the show's entertaining enough, whoever has written the script has obviously been huffing glue.

Forcing the skinny one to watch some anorexics on the TV, balding doctor Christian points at the skin and bones of some poor woman and asks

What would you say if your daughter came home looking like that?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but anorexia is just a little different to a pierced navel or a butterfly tat on the ankle.  One's daughter wouldn't just pop out and return hours later having lost 50 pounds and 90% of her muscle tissue.  Idiot.

Later on, Anna Richardson, a MILF, but not very hairy, is fretting about her droopy boobs.  She watches some breast reduction surgery and says 

I'm not sure I could go through with an operation to take away what I was born with

I'm not sure if I've ever heard of anyone being born with double D's.

My favourite part was when this anorexic guy was tasked to buy some butter and he stood in front of the butter section for like half an hour, almost in tears, saying 'Oh, I just don't need any butter'.  All he had to do was buy some butter but he had to get some 'expert' to go and give him some gentle persuasion. In my head all I could picture was grabbing him by the arms and shouting 'just buy the fucking butter you skinny cunt!'.  I have a large amount of sympathy for people with nervous conditions, but you seriously are able to buy some butter.

Where do they get these people?

They got Dr Christian Jessen, who is openly gay AND an accomplished oboist (are these things related?), from medical humiliation show Embarrassing Bodies.  Picture Supersize vs Superskinny with a greater range of freaks.  I barely have the words to express my amazement at people who hide often unbelievable maladies, for years, sometimes to the point of being hospitalised, because they are too embarrassed to discuss their problems in private with their family doctor. 

And then go on national television to show 10 million people their abnormalities without an ounce of modesty.  

One woman hadn't had sex with her husband for years as she was too shy to let him see her naked, but then dropped her pants without any hesitation the second a television camera arrived. 

On next week's show, a man whose wife gets her lady-garden out for everyone but him, has erectile dysfunction.  The poor bastard.

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