Monday, 5 April 2010

Trust me

I know what I'm doing

There's so little trust in the world.

Do you trust your spouse/partner to answer your cell phone for you?

Would you read their emails or their diary if you thought they would never know?

The problem is that when you read something that wasn't directed towards you, the original intention of the communication is lost and it can be easy to misconstrue.

A few years ago I dated a woman who had suspected that her ex-boyfriend had been unfaithful due to lots of calls on his phone from a particular woman.  She consequently discovered that this woman was his sister.  When she told me this I questioned whether she could be trusted to not poke her nose into my phone and she swore on her son's life that she would never do this.

I caught her about 6 weeks later looking through my phone and zeroing in on absolutely innocent conversations between me and a female colleague, trying to deflect blame for her dirty snooping by accusing me of being a cheating bastard.

Not actually her

When I pointed out that she had sworn on the life of her son that she wouldn't ever do such a thing she merely snorted in derision.  The conversation in question was about this colleague of mine being caught at the Christmas party performing oral sex on a junior member of staff.  I could obliquely see why she may have thought this suspect so didn't immediately dump her.  Which you should ALWAYS do if someone looks at your mobile phone uninvited.

The dumping came later when she tried to scratch my eyes out while dressed as a witch for Halloween.

I still leave my phone lying about trusting people not to do anything silly and have been burned only once since, when my friend's girlfriend updated my Facebook status with 'loves the cock'.

It's easy to lose faith in humanity when the world at large is all about style over substance.  Everything's marketing and advertising.  Scammers all over the internet, where men are men, women are men and 10 year old girls are FBI agents.  Push-up bras and Myspace angles and men wearing make-up.

The more we have, the more illusory it all becomes.

The restoration of my faith came from an unlikely source when I read about this.

Dennis and Flora Milner chose to peacefully end their lives at the end of 2009.  Both were in their 80's and were suffering from ill health and made a decision to have a positive death.  Their children supported this decision.

The absolute trust these lovely people must have had in each other touched me deeply.  The only thing that tarnished what would, in a less ludicrous world, have been a remarkable love story, is that people have criticised their actions.

Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK and carries a potential jail sentence of 14 years.  Most retarded law.  Ever.

"To force the issue beyond this point would mean for us a living death; we have therefore chosen to peacefully end our lives."

How unlikely that two octogenarians I'd never met would remind me that not everybody in the world is a selfish shitbag.

I still don't trust men who wear mascara though.

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