Monday, 1 March 2010

An Astronaut? Are you having a laugh? I'm a TV presenter!

So...Nelson Mandela thinks Jeremy Clarkson is an astronaut and asked him what the moon is like.  Jeremy couldn't bring himself to correct this error and said something along the lines of 'Oh, it's ever so rocky and there's not much gravity'.

Amazingly this wasn't done with any degree of sarcasm as he didn't want the great leader to think he was wasting his time speaking to a TV presenter.

I know that saying anything negative about Nelson Mandela is akin to saying that giving birth is no big deal, but c'mon Jeremy, I thought you were all about being opinionated and making cheap jokes.

This repulsive display of obsequiousness reminds me of the Eid celebration I attended last year.  Everyone was having a perfectly lovely time until someone's uncle turned up and started being witty and funny almost straight away.  Were it my annoying relative, I would just say, 'look Uncle, your behaviour is annoying, stop looking for attention and be nice', but of course Bangladeshi people are much more polite than me, so after 20 minutes of watching other people fawning and laughing hysterically at his not-funny-in-the-slightest quips I was forced to leave.

Nelson Mandela was in prison you know?  Yeah, he's named this HIV/AIDS summit after some reference to his imprisonment.

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