Saturday, 27 March 2010

Daily Mail Readers Disagree With Me

In a fit of jealous pique, an unattractive Daily Mail columnist has slated women with fake breasts.  Sally Brampton says that she has a lifelong hatred of her own body and now she also says that she's happy that apparently, she's heard or read somewhere, but nobody in their right mind believes it, young girls think big boobs make you look fat.

Amongst the numerous comments on her story, Scott Smith from Boulder (no pun intended eh Scott?) hates fake boobs, Ian Simms says they feel horrible and look weird and my personal hero Jack Graham says that he won't drink out of a plastic beer container so he won't touch fake boobs.

Unfortunately boys, this massively disingenuous stupidity doesn't say 

'I'm a new man who loves real women' to women.  It says

'I'm a creepy slime-bag that defines women entirely by their breasts'

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