Friday, 12 March 2010

My Precious

Oh no, Howard Stern has said something sensationalistic.  He called Gabourey Sidibe fat as fuck and now he's 'under fire'.

This is an excellent example of how retarded celebrity culture is.  Are the people outraged by Howard 'I'll hide my disdain for fat people under a pretence of being concerned about their health' Stern's comments surprised he came out with that?  No, of course not, it's more publicity for them, Stern, Sidibe and more dollars spent by star struck nobodies who buy-in to this crap.

Gabourey Sidibe is one of those people who you see on the Jerry Springer show.  She'll be up on the stage having taken her muumuu off indicating her body with both hands saying 'you want this, you want ALL of this, I'm a REAL woman' and then rushing off to attack her 5'4 120lb boyfriend.

Hey Bitches!

You know when you watch TV or a movie and the part requires someone hugely fat, or super short, or ugly as sin, or otherwise deformed?  You think to yourself, or say it out loud if you're as annoying as me, 'that actor actually applied for that part knowing that they wanted the ugliest human being in the world to play it.'   Actors don't care about debasing themselves, they have no hearts and quite possibly, no souls.

Here's my point.  Gabourey Sidibe knows that she's monstrously fat and will have to deal with playing roles that are suited to her plus-size physique.  It's not as though they're aren't numerous examples of other fat, black women who have worked their way to some degree of fame and fortune.  I'm thinking Beyonce here but there must be more.

Besides, if only thin, good-looking people were allowed to do any acting we wouldn't have Danny de Vito and that would be unthinkable. 

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