Monday, 15 March 2010

Get fat for Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day in this corner of the world.  I suppose this celebration is a chance for my Mum, or Mom as my little brother hilariously refers to her in his odd half American, half South African accent, to put her feet up and reap the rewards of having three loving sons.

Obviously that didn't happen, because my Mother and presumably Mothers all over the world, confuse Mothers Day with Make Your Children Fat Day.

Already having been given a giant trifle, and worrying about how my healthy living plan would incorporate it, I then had to face a huge bucket of KFC and chocolate cakes donated by my girlfriend's mother.

I remember a Garfield comic strip from years ago where Jon's Mother communicates her love to him by feeding him.

That's the same the world over.

Mothers don't care if you're fat.

It's comforting, slightly worrying and I wouldn't change it for the world.

I bet the gym's packed this morning.

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