Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bully For You

You know when people say 'Oh, I wish I could do it all again, be young again with what I know now.' And then they've got nothing else to say on the matter?  What would they actually do?  Study harder?  Brush their teeth more? 

Not start smoking probably.  That'd be one of mine.  I've stopped now though, through sheer power of will, none of those girly patches or gum (gum!), and you don't really understand the negative impact it's having until you quit.

Now I'm determined to be as self-righteous about filthy smokers as possible.

Filthy Dirty Cigarettes

Moving on, there is one other reason I'd love to be young again, knowing what I know now (It's time to become even more unpopular).

I'd become more of a bully.

There was all the normal hazing and peer pressure at high school.  I remember flushing some kid's trousers down the toilet after rugby practice and then the next day his friends from a higher year made me buy them cigarettes as punishment.  Of course we picked on the usual suspects, the nerds, the fatties, the quadruple amputees, the girls with uni-brows (which I see are back in fashion), but everyone left the special children alone.  

You know the ones, those that squeal really loudly in the middle of a lesson for no reason.  The ones that don't really join in the team sports, but seem to be running off in random directions and then come back with a bloody nose, the ones whose parents send them to school in dirty clothing and with a yoghurt and a packet of pork scratchings for lunch because that's all they'll eat. Even the teachers were tolerant and we had some weird-ass teachers, flinging overhead projectors, coming into work drunk speaking foreign languages, accusing me of flirting with them even.  

Yeah, everybody felt a little uncomfortable around those kids.  The ones with ADHD, ASS and/or oMUSH.  Medical science tells us that bad behaviour can be due to a mental disorder.  No shit?  

Had I my time in high school again, apart from treating the girls differently, I'd definitely bully those children more.

Those are the younger incarnations of the adults that now feel entitled.  The adults that treat others with no respect and who can't learn the simplest lessons.  You probably pay for their existences (and their vile offspring) with your tax money as they can't be fucking bothered to hold down a job.  

Hazing and bullying at high school gave us a hierarchy that we didn't get at home, we started to understand a social pecking order.  Fit in or fuck off.  I learnt some harsh lessons and hopefully I can instil in my children a desire to learn those lessons earlier and better, but those special kids didn't learn any of those lessons.  

If I could go back twenty years, I'd walk up to those little bastards and give them a bloody good punching.

Just doing my bit for society.

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