Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The MD Guide to Stress Reduction

Doing research for this very serious topic I found out that drinking urine is good for stress relief.  We're not going to try that one around here!

I use many techniques to rid myself of the daily stresses of work, relationships and maintaining adequate levels of awesomeness.  The one I have found to be most efficacious, and I realise most will just laugh this away, is...

I don't give a shit.

If you don't care about what's happening, ie invest no emotional attachment into it, you won't get stressed about it.  Plainly you can't use this strategy for something that really matters, but just think to yourself.  What does really matter? 

How this technique works, and this may require a level of adaptability for any ladies who read this, is that when confronted with a situation that may become stressful, just remember the IDGAS epiphany, 'They can't chop my cock off'.

Couple of examples for you...

Yesterday I took my mother and sister-in-law (and baby) shopping.  On leaving I parked the car in the pick-up point of the shopping centre, got out and helped with getting the baby and the bags safely into my vehicle.  This action blocked a couple of other car-park users in for about three minutes and I could sense that they were becoming impatient.  My brother's wife started to become anxious because of her perceived attitude of the people waiting. I felt very protective over my mother, my brother's wife and my nephew, and could quite happily have entered into a massive shouting match with the other drivers, but I just didn't give a shit about how they felt.  They were in a pick-up zone, people are gonna pick people up there, and let's face it, they couldn't chop my cock off.

Bank foreclosing on your house?  Can they chop your cock off? Nope.

Boss has unrealistic demands?  Can he chop your cock off? No way man.

Thai girlfriend discovered you cheating on her?  Can she chop your cock off? Yes.

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