Monday, 22 March 2010

How To Find A Mate

They say 'Beer exists so fat chicks can get laid', but it goes deeper than that.

It's all down to perception.

Uma Thurman.  Apparently she's a great beauty.  What?  Her hands are huge, she's all rangy, she's got nae tits. Look...

Massive hands.

You know why you think she's a great beauty? Perception.  Television and movies tell you that she is.

It's the same with Leonardo Dicrapio.  He looks like a rat.  By growing that stupid moustache and trying to look like a big boy, he's made himself look like Master Splinter.  

Watch Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle.  You won't believe that those people find each other attractive and yet they manage to mate frequently.  

I've often wondered if ugly people find each other attractive or they just settle for what they can get.  

It's all perception.

Here's how to find a mate...

Men - women will allow you to mate with them if you tell them that you are the best mate currently available.  Works on about 30% of single women.  Try it, but I'm warning you now that those are the really thick 30%, but you don't care do you?

Women - If men perceive that you are easy you can get more of them.  Then just trap one by getting up the duff. 

See, perception.

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