Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's spontaneous

Why is everyone trying to be funny all the time?

I was in a training course recently, two trainers, no need for screwing about, just deliver the information please and let me get back to whatever it is I do.  Nuh-uh.  They'd rather make an attempt to engage with the delegates and fulfil their need for an audience.  Bad move, look around, nobody's laughing, you're not a comedy duo.  I'm cringing, but I have that 'I'm not amused' expression on during much of my work day anyway, so it goes unnoticed.

The next day, another training course, this time for the entire day.  The other delegates are a bit more switched on this time, and the 'facilitator' more experienced.  More bloody jokes, plainly rehearsed.  Some woman in a carpark had made a 'dickhead' sign at him, which he communicated to us by making a masturbating gesture from his head. 'I think she was trying to tell me I should be wearing a hat'.

Just stop ok?  If you have to rehearse or plan it, it's not funny.

It's spontaneous and it's called 'wit'. sound bite

Oh, it gets worse.  Not content with dumbing down meteorology by allowing dye-job bimbos to talk about it on television, now we have banter with the news presenter I'm an entertainer not just a weatherman.  Well you creepy little puke, take that godamn doohicky you think makes you look like a fucking wizard and stop waving it about with those spastically uncool sweeping hand movements and stick it up your scrawny backside.

Is that point-at-the-camera motion at the end your 'thing' Daniel?

Everyone's a comedian.

I hope you're happy women.  Now that men need a GSOH to get laid, we've all gotta be clowns!

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