Saturday, 20 March 2010

One of Life's Great Mysteries

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?

I've been asked why there's not more misogyny on this blog, and I've been resisting, but I've been forced into this one.

Why is it absolutely necessary for women to use both hands to eat a sandwich?  

Is the sandwich soo heavy it takes the combined strength of two healthy arms to lift?  A large apple is heavier than half a sandwich.  I've never seen anyone eat an apple with two hands.

This must be the fabled puniness that doesn't enable women to put down a simple toilet seat and instead run through the house ranting that it's been left up again.  The absolute best thing about the toilet seat situation is that women have told me in the past that it's no fun accidently falling down the toilet because the seat's been left up.  It may be no fun for you darling, but would be hilarious for me.

This post, like many others, was inspired by my wonderful girlfriend, who sarcastically remarked to me yesterday, ' I suppose you think you're clever eating that sandwich with one hand.'  I was, in fact, eating a sandwich with one hand.  


  1. Usually it's eaten with both hands to stop the filling falling out.

  2. There's no place for logic on this blog, or indeed anywhere on the internet, but I like the cut of your jib!