Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Michael Buble

I hand it to Michael Buble...
  • He didn't give in to pressure to change his ridiculous name to something more easily digestible to the general public.  Many people I know actually refer to him as Michael Bubble.
  • I'm surprised at the above because his 'musical' output is the most easily digestible thing in the world.  It's the aural equivalent of a rice-cake!  You hardly even know you've experienced it when its over.
  • His fiancé is super good-looking and presumably really nice, seeing as she can overlook Michael's diminutive stature and oddly twisted face and she's so tall and gorgeous.  Oh yes I almost forgot, millions of dollars.

I've got nothing bad to say about the guy really, he's found a niche and made a fantastic career out of it.  How that niche existed is beyond me, but let's face it, I don't have my finger on the pulse of popularity. Who would have thought that we needed yet another:
  • Personality-less, generic, bland, non-entity to dredge up 'standards' that were better left in the past or in Las Vegas for the fogies
  • Finger snapping crooner to remind us that making our legs all stiff actually counts as 'getting into the music' while reciting some of the most puerile lyrics that have ever been written. 
  • Male sex-symbol who is so utterly devoid of any outward trappings of masculinity that women can paint any picture on him they like.  
Art appreciation being largely relative, we can train ourselves to like any sort of music at all really.  There are several non-musical reasons that I love the sort of music I listen to, and I'll happily admit that a couple of them are a little dumb.  

Just as a guess, were I to say, 'I heart Michael Buble', I would be trying to give off the following vibe - 
  • I'm suave, I'm cool, I'm sophisticated
  • I have a romantic side
  • You can trust me, ladies, because I have no penis.
The only thing I don't like about Michael Buble is that he ruins any conversation about Canada.  

'Hey, I've just come back from Toronto, the women sure are beautiful there' 

'Michael Buble'

Conversation over.


  1. haha, brilliant. Sounds about right for him lol

  2. Thanks Michael. I've been trying to figure out why people rate him so highly, and failing.

  3. A bit late, but i saw this on another blog, and thought of The MD


  4. That's a strange blog. I shall never return to it :)