Thursday, 11 March 2010

Big breasts and bananas

For a brief joyous moment I thought it was Kirk Cameron.  The world was in perfect harmony.

'You do mean that annoying little bender from Growing Pains right?'

'No, the one off Lost Boys.'


I don't know much about Kirk Cameron really, but I do know that he and his moustachioed patsy made international laughing stocks out of themselves by using a banana to prove the existence of God.  Until someone pointed out that the banana as we know it is even more genetically altered than Katie Price.  Modifications have been added through the years to enhance the curvature and general attractiveness of both items.  The comparison ends when you consider that bananas have a purpose.

Contrary to what a reasonable human being would believe, I actually do research outside the vicious meanderings that take place inside my head, and deciding to Youtube Kirk, I found this debate between him, his bitch that looks like Bruce from Family Guy and two people from the Rational Response Squad (lame).

I don't recommend you watch the whole thing, just forward to 50% through, as it's just self-righteous bullshit by people who think they're clever, but someone, and it's not the the guy from the RRS because he's obviously gay, played a manipulation masterstroke by having that humongous breasted woman doing the debating.  She's wearing 3 inch heels and a dress that is designed to be old-fashioned and homely and yet accentuate her bigger-than-Kirk-Cameron's-albeit-tiny-head tits.

No man will refute anything she says, and women will think 'well she's a woman in a man's world so good on her'.

Anyway, Corey Haim dies and Chuck Norris turns 70.  Coincidence?

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  1. This is fascinating stuff - what is with her tattoo on the arm about? I can't agree with her stupid ideas either.