Friday, 5 March 2010

To be Young and Idealistic

It was the sort of conversation that only men have. We love reflected glory.  

Very casually - 'So, what does your dad do for a living?'

It was a five way conversation and we all wanted to win this one.  I can't remember what anyone else said, because Newkie ever so pithily mentioned that...

'He's retired now, but he used to work for CERN!' Cue thunder and lightning from nowhere.


On the awesomeness scale, that's like your old man being James Bond, or the guy that invented beer.

'My father is an evil scientist who invented the nuclear bomb' is what he really meant and we knew it.

Knowing that Newkie wasn't massively rich or powerful himself, the only slightly spiteful question reared its head:

'What the hell happened to you then?'

'Well, I was at University, and the plan was for me to become a world-class physicist, but I got bored so I thought I'd get a job'


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